Friday, October 26, 2007

Crysis Demo...Oops

I preordered the Crysis video game from the EA store so I could get the demo a little earlier and not get bogged down with swamped file servers, So I downlaoded the demo last night. I was able to decrypt it this morning. I then ran the far so good...and then I tried to run it and.....wham! You need to be logged into the EA Download Manager to authenitcate your copy of this game. The only problem is....I was logged in. I logged out and logged in, I shutdown the download manager and restarted and logged in, i rebiooted my whole computer and relogged in. But all in vain...ah well. I develop software for a living and so I'm spympatheitc to all the difficulties of developing software. But I can say from a developer stand point that there's not many things more frustating than to spend months and months developoing some very difficult code only to have the final product experience "screwed up" by a third party distribution mechanism. So, I feel sorry fopr Crytek but not for EA.

So until I get my demo's a video to help alleivate the frustration.